5 Requirements to Be Blogger


5 Requirements to Be Blogger If you read my blog often, you may be thinking of creating your own blog, but may have a fear of failure. Thousands of blogs are created every day, of which about 70 % are abandoned in a period of 6 months. For this not to happen with your blog, I want to share all 5 requirements to be a good blogger. To have your own blog and not fail in the attempt as …

10 ways to successfully sponsor your blog on Instagram


10 ways to successfully sponsor your blog on Instagram Rightly has the old Chinese proverb: “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Our natural attraction to the images is one of the keys to why social networking greatly influences our lives. Therefore, we must seize the opportunity given to us some sites like Instagram, to enhance our business and bring our products to new consumers. Instagram http://instagram.com/ is a social network that has more users since its launch in …

Exposure – A simple portfolio blogger template


Hello people, so i’m back with another amazing blogger template named Exposure. Its unique features include:-


Thumbnail Cropper

Exposure comes in compatible with the unique thumbnail cropper tool. The tool helps you to easily crop image pixels, which then are used for the thumbnails being displayed on homepage. This helps you to easily clean up your homepage look by organizing thumbnail pixels and preventing images to look blurry or compressed. The tool can be found at …

A Blog and Internet Business


A Blog and Internet Business A blog is a great tool to make money online. With a blog you can use multiple methods to make money with an online business that operates 24 hours a day. This blog will highlight the basic steps to create a blog, and then can make money with it. No need to be a computer expert or programming skills to create your own blog. On the Internet we can find platforms like Blogger.com or …

Choosing What Method to Make Money with My Blog?


Choosing What Method to Make Money with My Blog?  This question often happens to anyone when you create your first blog. What is the best method to monetize my blog? To answer this question we must take into account several factors such as the subject thereof or the audience you are addressing. In this article I will try to advise you on how to make the huge money from your blog. Almost every person who creates his blog on …

How to Beat Google Updates In 2014?


How to Beat Google Updates In 2014? Not long ago we talked about the importance of content in the latest update of Google, Google Hummingbird, which is the final test to demonstrate the great importance of the development and dissemination of content today for the positioning of a web search engine. As usual at this time, all kinds of compilations of what has brought us 2013 trends and resolutions for 2014, etc… Today we will discuss one of them, …