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7 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

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Are you interested in increasing traffic for your blog? Dedication and determination are keys to this, but in addition, the following recommendations will allow you to get good results in little time.

Beyond being a great way to give vent to a passion or talent, the blog can also become a source of revenue, which is critical to have a significant volume of traffic. How is it done? The key is dedication and perseverance, and while not getting in the overnight, with the following tips you will get very good results.

1. Write frequently

 Write frequently

Unless you have many friends willing to read everything you write, you should write at least 2 times per week on your blog. Why? Until you get a stable public, most visitors come from search engines like Google, which better positions the blogs that are frequently updated. It also uses photos, images and videos of good quality and preferably own.

2. Use social networks

Use social networks
When you share your articles on social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc…), Attached a statement that sparks the interest of the users to click on it to learn more.

With new forms of Google articles most “likes” on Facebook or on Twitter RT will be better positioned for the search engines.

3. Use keywords and online techniques (SEO)

Use keywords and online techniques

Put key words that indicate the target or the most important of your article in the title and several times in the development of your text, but beware!

Do not abuse it, because Google penalizes excessive repetition of the same.

4. Comment on other blogs, forums or communities

Comment on other blogs

Participate, contribute, share and comment on other blogs, so others can know your views and knowledge, and to leave your comments on each link.

5. Engage with your audience

Engage with your audience

Your blog is nothing without a hearing. Responds to feedback, generates content that meets what they expect, notes on where most of your traffic comes from and what are your most read articles. Also, you can generate debates or articles that encourage the exchange of views.

6. Create good quality content

 Create good quality content

Your blog only highlight on the rest if it is original, good quality. Take your time and create content that shows respect for what you do, originality, passion, without spelling errors. For those days when you find yourself uninspired, you can use content from other sites, but always mentioning the source link.

7. Create a list of subscribers by mail


And last but not least, make a list of email subscribers and visitors who were perhaps occasional become recurring, to sign up to your list and receive updates from the blog by email.


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4 Comments to 7 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

  1. For every blog traffic is very essential…… bloggers main aim is to increase they traffic. This tips will be very helpful.

  2. Great tips!!! many people write four to five article per day….. Is it so important to fill the blog with so many articles. I don’t think so… People on visiting will be interested to see few new stuff.