Why Blogger is A Great Blogging Platform for Beginners


While creating a new blog, a beginner is often which blogging platform to choose. Albeit there are a variety of blogging platforms like

weebly, wordpress.com, tumblr, blog.com but indeed Blogger or what we commonly call as blogspot does stand out and is considered by many as a perfect platform to gets your hands wet with blogging. Let us examine few reasons as to why Blogger which is offered by Google is recommended.

Ease of Use

In case you are new to blogging, you would want a platform which will allow you to blog and be creative without having to spend months learning coding and figuring out how basic things work. Blogger offers a wonderful easy to use platform which you can use to blog, you don’t need to code, you don’t need to perform even html, css thereby making it so simple that even a 10-12 year old kid can use this.

Unique Designs and Templates

There are literally hundred of thousands of blogger templates available online which include both free ones and premium ones. Choosing a good looking clean template will give a fresh look to your blog. A blogger template can be easily uploaded via your Blogger dashboard. Nowadays you can find even niche specific templates so for example if you own an entertainment blog can opt for a flashy looking colorful template however if you have a blog in tech niche for example conference calling or mobile phones for that matter, you can opt for a sleek looking template which doesn’t look too loud and flashy.

URL Freedom

With blogger either you can go with .blogspot.com in case you are starting out or you can buy a domain name and host it on blogger without having to buy a costly web hosting service or you can even migrate form .blogspot.com to a custom domain of your choice too since its look way more professional.


The widgets which Blogger offers include twitter feeds or news feeds to calendar and live traffic widgets, there is plenty to choose from but you need to realise that too many widgets may slow down your blog too.


Some of the blogging platforms like wordpress.com and blog.com don’t allow proper monetization like adsense etc while in Blogger, you are free to use Adsense, Affiliates or CPA offers whatever you like.

This post has been contributed by our guest author who writes for Powwownow which offers free conference calling and telephone conferencing services.

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  1. These are the reasons I prefer Blogger to other platforms

  2. I just started exploring this platform. Currently i’m pretty much satisfied. Lets see what happens in future.

  3. I started using blogger and explored some other facets of the templates. I observed that combining WP and Blogger platforms are truly amazing.

    Also, the flexibility of blogger is tremendous compared to WP, like Adsense, affiliates, etc..

    Thank you good people for sharing your thoughts, knowledge and talents.

  4. i have been comparing WP and blogger , I prefer blogger. But a lot of people say google close down many blogger sites without any warning, this is my concern.

  5. Blogger is surely one of the best blogging platforms for newbies who are new to blogging. The good features and easy access of its dashboard is great for blogging enthusiasts out there. Some people tend to start off with Blogger, learn a few tricks and transfer to WordPress or stay in Blogger. Depends on what you prefer but I highly suggest to stay with a system that best fits your blogging needs.